Now that you have decided upon an Alaska destination wedding ceremony  in Juneau, Alaska, you are more than likely wondering “what do we do now?” What follows are some important informational tidbits and web sites (that you can click and connect with) that should help with planning your wedding or if you prefer eloping in Alaska.  In addition we have provided contact info for hair & make up, along with examples of flowers and cakes.   A lot of information is on this page and hopefully it will be helpful and not overwhelming.  If there is anything else you are concerned about ( we love getting questions)  please email us for additional information at

What does Juneau and the surrounding areas of Southeast Alaska look like?
Check these sites: and

Need to know what there is to do and where to stay when in Juneau?
We highly recommend the following website:

We work with four different photographers and the following are their Facebook or website addresses from which you can see their individual style of photography. Please feel free to contact them directly to arrange for their services as they will want to discuss details with you.  Let us know if you need additional information regarding your wedding package.

Art Sutch Photography & Digital Imaging Phone 907-586-6447
Kaley McGooey –  Phone 907-209-7725
Chugach Peaks Photography – Phone 907-301-9400
Crow Fox Photography – Phone 907-276-9369

Video Services:
Alaska in Motion – Beau Sylte is an award winning adventure filmmaker with a passion for showing off Alaska. He has worked alongside National Geographic in 29 different countries, and got married in a glacier ice cave right here in AK in 2014 ( He specializes in capturing memories as motion pictures and making your moments as exciting, fun, interesting, and shareable as possible. Part of Beau’s work is making sure you have video clips ready to share with your friends and family via your social media pages like Facebook and Instagram.  Website:   Facebook:

Alaska in Motion has put together 3 special wedding video packages for us: 

The Simple Montage – $750.00

Receive an edited 1 to 2 minute highlight reel of your wedding ceremony ready to be shared online. There will be beautiful shots of your ceremony edited to music.

Beau will come along with your ceremony crew and film the best moments. Afterwords you will receive the edited video file within 4 business days.

A Wedding Film Montage with Social Extras – $1100

Receive an edited 2 to 3 minute highlight reel of your wedding ceremony ready to be shared online. There will be beautiful shots of your ceremony edited to music. This video will also include beautiful shots of Juneau and your overall wedding adventure. Beau will hang out and film you a couple extra  hours before or after your wedding ceremony as well to capture extra moments of your time here in Juneau.

Receive an additional video edit in Instagram video style, ready to be uploaded to your Instagram.

Receive 3 additional short video clips of your best wedding video shots, ready to be shared online. Imagine a beautiful slow-motion shot of you getting out of a helicopter, etc.

Receive the original raw video file of your ceremony on a hard disk. All the words spoken, vows, and more will be captured and provided to you so you have the whole thing documented, not just the highlights.

You will get your video files over the internet within 48 hours, ready to share. You will also receive a hard disk in the mail with your raw ceremony video.

The Alaskan Adventure Wedding Film – $3800

This is the premiere package. Not only will you get everything listed in the other packages, Beau will hang out with you as long as needed to capture and create a great film about your time in Juneau. This includes a personalized driven tour around town to film beautiful shots of you in the Alaskan Rainforest, by waterfalls, on beaches, and more. This is having your own filmmaker and guide for the day.

Beau will get to know you and why you decided to get married in Alaska, which will become a personalized script for your film.

Once filming is wrapped up, you will receive a custom made story of your wedding experience, complete with narration by a professional voice over artist, telling YOUR story.

There won’t be any other wedding video out there like it. A truly one of a kind motion picture of your Alaskan Adventure.

You’ll receive your film as fast as possible, and it may be up to 7 minutes long. You’ll also get all the shorter video edits offered in the other packages, and a hard disc containing everything filmed.

Catering services, We recommend three caterers in Juneau:
Breeze In, with information available at:

Chez Alaska, with information available at:

Hanger on the Wharf, with information available at:

Making Ceremony Reservations.
Reservations are accepted any time from 4 days and to 2 years in advance.

A $250 deposit or 10% of the total package price (which ever is greater) is required to book a reservation, with the exception of the Taku Lodge package which requires a $320 per person deposit. The remaining balance is due at least 30 days prior to your wedding date. Accepted forms of payments: Discover Card, Master Card, or Visa.

Marriage Licenses.
Obtaining an Alaska marriage license is the sole responsibility of the couple getting married.  Information regarding a license can be obtained at:  Please note the office is not open on weekends, state, and/or federal holidays but, licenses still be obtain through the mail, we can tell you how this needs to be handled.

Generally speaking here is how the marriage application process works:  Bride and/or groom needs to download the marriage license application using the above website and fill it out.  If you will be visiting Juneau on a weekday (that is not a federal or state holiday) the form does not need to be signed as you will do that when picking it up in Juneau.

When mailing the application, please use the Juneau address and include a payment of $60 or whatever the form states.  We recommend mailing the application 30-45 days before your wedding day.  By doing so, you will meet/exceed the 3-day waiting period requirement.  As for getting the license when in Juneau, those of our wedding packages that include ground transportation, will also include a stop at the marriage license (Alaska Bureau of Vital Statistics) office.  For those wedding packages that do not include ground transportation (simple ceremonies & Father of the Bride I) you will need to pick up the license via cab/taxi (the office is 7 miles from the cruise ship docks) prior to the wedding ceremony.

After the wedding ceremony is over and appropriate signatures have been applied to the license, our wedding officiant will file the license back at the Alaska Bureau of Vital Statistics office.

To obtain a certified copy of the marriage license, a second form (that is provided along with the marriage license) will need to completed .  The second form can be completed at the time you pick up the license or when you get home and costs $30. Please let us know if you have any questions .

Some of our packages include a Gift certificate for one of three Alaska Heirloom Marriage Certificates. To help decide which one you may want please visit:

What to wear?
This is entirely up to you; just take into consideration the ceremony location.

Helicopter companies provide boots and rain gear for glacier weddings. You might consider bringing a coat, shawl/wrap as temps on a glacier range between 40° – 60°.

Need help with wedding accesories – dresses, tuxes, etc?  Please go to

Hair and make-up consultation: please contact Tiffany Rutherford with ROOTS at 907-957-0522

Gratuities: Unless your wedding group is 6 or more people we don’t insist on a gratuity however, tips are greatly appreciated if the service you receive is worthy.

Additional Fees.
5% sales tax on all goods and services will be added to the total amount due.

3% will be charged to cover fees – accessing docks, airport parks, insurance, and other miscellaneous items.


Juneau is located in a Temperate Rainforest climate, so it does rain occasionally which is why it is so green here.  After many years and despite our best efforts, we have learned that “weather” is the one thing we can’t control.  We therefore recommend that you come prepared as temperatures range in the 50s-60s Fahrenheit/10-15.56 Celsius.  If these temperatures seem cool to you, you might consider bringing a warm jacket that can easily be taken off for photos.  Temperatures on the glacier can be 10f/5.6c cooler.  Please note, we are in no way trying to dissuade anyone from wearing a wedding dress, suit, or tux, this is your special day and you can dress anyway you want.  Please let us know if you have any questions regarding the weather.

If an outdoor wedding location is canceled due to weather, the ceremony can be held at the Glacier Gardens Rainforest Adventure location.  Additional costs will be incurred due to the entrance fee at the Gardens, ground transportation, etc.  In the case of a flight cancellation, we will refund the cost of the Taku Glacier Lodge seaplane & meal or the cost of the helicopter associated with a Helicopter Glacier wedding package, less any additional fees.

Cancellations and Refunds.

  • Cancellations in advance of Full Payment having been paid are not charged and the deposit (less $150) will be returned. Cancellations made after full payment has been paid or within 31 days of the wedding date will result in forfeiture of the full deposit. Cancellations within 14 days of the ceremony date or “No Shows” will result in forfeiture of all money paid.
  • Failure of the wedding couple or their representative to follow instructions (provided by Alaska Weddings On Ice) needed to secure the wedding location or other crucial components for the wedding, will result in full forfeiture of the deposit.

Flowers: Here are a few examples of Wildflower bouquets, Custom bouquets, single presentation roses, and their matching boutonnieres.  Please note that our florists “take artistic freedom” when making each wildflower bouquet including requests from brides, so no two bouquets are alike.   Flowers that may be included in a Wildflower bouquet include some or all of the following, provided they are available on your wedding day.

  • Alstroemeria in colors yellow, white, brown, & pink
  • Dasies in colors white & yellow
  • Iriese in colors blue & purple
  • Lilies in colors yellow, white, orange, & pink
  • Star Gazer in colors pink & white

If your prefer a custom bouquet or have something special in mind, please go to

Wedding Cakes: If you have chosen a wedding package with cake, here are a few photos of how couples decorated their cakes.